San fiore Dress

572,700 TSh

Glow -navyblue Dress

791,200 TSh

Kaspa Suit

434,700 TSh

Delvina Dress

446,200 TSh

Jax Dress

342,700 TSh

Calvin-black Dress

342,700 TSh is not yet accepting orders. We will be opening up within a short time, in the meantime have a look at some of our products that you can buy when we launch.

For vendors

We are looking for vendors within the fashion space. We provide models and photographer to make your products look amazing.

For models

The opportunity to work with Haiba is an opportunity to get serious exposure.

Shopping at Haiba

When the online shop opens. We promise a different and unique approach to shopping. Check-out experience on WhatsApp, sales assistants chatting with you and good prices. Stay tuned

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