Why should you sell on Haiba?

The reason every seller should consider doing business on Haiba is because:
  • Exposure to a bigger and more diverse clientele

    The number of people that you can reach online with Haiba will be bigger than Instagram or any other platform

  • Personal touch with the Shop Assistants

    Our Shop Assistants make the online shopping experience warmer and much similar to one in the brick and mortar store.

  • Trust factor with the brand

    The platform establishes trust amongst the audience as cases of online frauds rise (especially with people buying from social media platforms)

  • Quick deliveries

    We deliver a product within the next business day after receiving the order. With such less turn-around time customers are less likely to drop their shipping cart.

  • Selling and Cross-selling products

    Our Shop Assistants/platform helps vendors to cross as well as upsell products to increase revenue for all the vendors.

  • Equal opportunities to sell for everyone

    Both small and big vendors can sell on Haiba to enhance both customer base and sales for their products.


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